Local Missions



Serving in Mission (SIM)

Our aim is to contribute to the promotion of the mission and the ministries of the missionaries on the field by producing good, well designed printed material. We  redesign SIM NOW where necessary and try to include a greater South African missionary ministry focus. We assist with promotion of ministry opportunities; assist the missionaries with promotional material when on Home Assignment; and assist with Home Assignment — Resource Development preparation. We design all printed material such as leaflets, brochures, adverts, posters, display  roll-ups, prayer cards, invitations, business cards etc. 

You can get involved through prayer and financial support, and contributing creative ideas for publications. There is also an opportunity to volunteer in the office and assist with telephone duty, the filling of envelopes and various other office tasks.

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The primary focus is to facilitate the placement of Christians to be salt and light in nations in the Arab World, and the rest of Asia south of Siberia. Our main emphasis is sending professional people to do work there or open a business, which will employ local people, and seek at the same time to support the local church. We believe  emphatically in the whole gospel being ministered to the people in those countries

One can get involved through attending  our prayer meetings presently held on the third Saturday morning of each  month. Help is also needed with and/or supporting fundraising efforts which are held from time to time. You could also become a financial supporter of the mission.

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Africa Inland Mission (AIM)

Our primary focus is caring for missionaries and AIM office finances. All support for missionaries comes to AIM & is sent to them in the country they are serving in. We keep in touch with those who give and receive, and with other AIM offices. We also provide reports for council meetings and help with the annual audit. God has given  me a passion to care for missionaries and build good relationships with them.

People can pray by receiving my newsletter with praise & prayer news, receive AIM Prayer Prompts from the office about all AIM South Africa missionaries, and come to an AIM prayer meeting once a month which anyone is welcome to. People can financially support the work of AIM. 

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Mercy Ships

We are involved in recruiting, motivating and enabling candidates for service on a Mercyship. We also aim to  make the work of MSSA known as widely as possible. Currently we are developing a Cataract removal unit for South Africa. 

People are needed from all medical disciplines. We are also looking for qualified marine, administrative, agricultural and building disciplines, as  well as Christian ministry workers and teachers.   

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